About Me

I am a computer programmer living in downtown Toronto.

This Blog is a personal project and it is updated when I have something new to show off.

I develop websites and online projects which require custom programming and database structures. Computer science is my second career. When I was younger I worked in the commercial radio industry.

about my computing background

My first experience with software code was in a correspondence course called FORTRAN IV taken with the University of Waterloo in 1983. This was before we all had our own PC’s. I had to write the FORTRAN code onto a formatted paper form and then mail it to the University where it was entered into the mainframe manually. Results were mailed back.

Later, I got to use what I had learned in the workplace. I found a program called Hypertext on the one MAC computer we had in the office. It let me build all sorts of bar charts and forms that were impressive at the time. We shared this one computer amongst an office of 20 people. This ‘computer room’ was also the smoking room in the office; somehow it seemed more polite that you went into a special room to suck on a dart.

In the 90’s I became one of the go-to guy’s at the office for computer problems.

I have taught myself a number of software languages. I also have received formal training at Ryerson University in Computer Science. I am completing a Continuing Education Certificate: Computer Programming Applications.

current skillset

Object-Oriented PHP



Unix / C




Zend Framework


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